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Don't Lose Money Counting It!

By gayleadmin | Aug 30, 2016

When running a business, no matter the size, time is the one thing you’re always chasing. Your attention is pulled in a million directions and its up to you to decide when to give and take. Multitasking is common, but usually more unproductive than effective. As a leader, you can only properly manage a handful…

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A Solution For Payroll

By gayleadmin | Aug 24, 2016

The payroll process: how hard can it be, right? You write your employees a check and you’re done! But as you soon find out, that’s not the case. With a business to run, paying employees is a necessity; but having the time to do it is difficult to make a priority. The stress builds up…

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Growing Your Business With A Virtual Bookkeeper

By gayleadmin | Jul 13, 2016

We get it: running a small business is hard work and takes more time than you have to offer. You’re protective and rightfully so! You took an idea/passion and turned it into a successful business. But with the growth, there are more hats than you can possibly wear in a day, and that is where…

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Outsource Payroll = Save Money

By gayleadmin | Jul 7, 2016

Processing payroll can be a daunting and time consuming task. For many business owners, its a task that remains on their plate, due to either not being able to hire another employee or to trust an employee with the private information of their coworkers. Hiring the wrong person to process the payroll in-house can cause…

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An Assistant On The Go!

By gayleadmin | Jun 23, 2016

Life is hectic and passes so quickly! We spend our days running here and there trying to complete our to do lists to hopefully have time left over to spend with friends or family. With life moving so quickly its easy to become distracted and lose focus of what we had started off to do.…

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