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5 Ways to Give

No setup fees. No hidden fees. You only pay a low 2.9% + 0.30c per transaction.

All five ways to give are packed into one easy to use and highly secure platform that has been tailor made for churches and ministries.

Mobile Giving


Online Giving

Kiosk Giving

Admin Entry

Packed with all the features your church needs. was born with mobile first. From text-to-give to our mobile app, everything has been built to be used by the mobile generation because over 221 million people in the US have smartphones and over 20% of Americans use their smartphone at church!

Recurring Giving

Donors easily set up recurring giving either weekly or monthly with one click. Improves giving consistency.

Instant email receipts

Donors instantly receive an email receipt with amount given and to what fund they gave.

Lifetime gift tracking

Donors have access to all their giving history for easy accounting.

Weekly giving reminders

iPhone users get weekly giving reminder great for holiday and weather affected weekends.

ChMS integration

Integrates into some of the most popular ChMS like Elvanto, Breeze, CCB with more coming.

Admin gift entry

Easily enter large quantities and process with one click. Auto populates previous donor info.

Daily or weekly funds transfer

Choose to have funds deposited daily or weekly into your designated bank account.

Transaction detail & reporting

Access and download .csv file of all transactions for export into accounting or ChMS.

Multi-Campus Configuration

Create another church for members to give to and even deposit into different bank accounts.

Multi-gift / designations

Members can give to multiple funds in one transaction saving money and time.

Fund designations

Customize the giving funds like Tithe, Offering or even Men’s Conference Registration.

Give without an account

A safe and secure public area solution. Great for one time gifts via iPad Kiosk in your church’s lobby or small group.